Antik Çin'de heyecanlı maceralara katılabilir ve karakterinizi herhangi bir sınıfa bağlı olmaksızın istediğiniz şekilde geliştirebilirsiniz. Birçok farklı hayvan seçeneği arasından da maceralarınızda size eşlik edecek bir yoldaş seçmeyi unutmayın.


When using a sword your skills are a mix drawn from the skillsets of the classic warrior and rogue classes. You deal very good melee damage, use damage over time skills and cripple your enemies while having some evasion abilities.
Also known as a two-handed sword, the saber will make you a mix of tank and damage dealer. With a saber you will deal the second highest damage amount of all the physical skill trees. At the same time you are pretty hard to kill thanks to your stuns and damage reducing abilities.
By equiping a polearm you will basically become a tank. Your main focus will be defense, and you will get different buffs which improve life, blocking and defense stats. Your generated threat towards enemies also increases while you are using the polearm.
By using a bow you will be a ranged damage dealer with really high damage. You are able to slow down your targets, reduce their block chance and pierce their defense. And at the same time you are so deadly that your enemies will rarely reach you. If for some reason they are able to reach you, just use some of the numerous available evasion skills to control the situation.
As soon as you choose Yin as an attack medium you will become a ranged damage dealer with high damage dealing capacity and abilities. Your strength lies in controlling your enemies, stopping them before they can flee and dealing the killing blow. Thank to a variety of ranged attacks you are a very dangerous opponent in PvP.
  • Sword
  • Saber
  • Polearm
  • Bow
  • Yin



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