Cultures Online Heroes

In the free2play strategy browser game Cultures Online Heroes you can build your own Viking village and sail through so far uncharted oceans. Experience exciting adventures with your hero, build your settlement according to your preferences and step in a tribe to go to war and explore foreign countries. 
  • Play now for free and be part of a huge community
  • Enjoy the detail-drawn heroes and beatufil building
  • Learn the easy-to-use combat system
  • Build out of your own village a Viking metropolis
  • Research new technologies
  • Found a tribe with your friends and face together countless quests
  • Upgrade your hero with tons of discovered items 


The Warrior in Cultures Online is able to take a lot of damage, thanks to his large pool of stamina. With him you should compete against opponents who prefer attacks from the distance to repel the arrows with your shield. Warriors are best off working as a lumberjack while they're at home.
The berserker is a crazed Viking who relies on his massive two-handed weapons.He needs a lot of strength to be able to wield such a heavy weapon.Therefore a berserker is best off working in the quarry when not off pillaging.
A ranger uses long-range weapons to defeat his opponents before they can even reach him. To make the best use of these weapons, the ranger needs to be very intelligent. Rangers are best off researching in the alchemist's workshop when not off on expedition.
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